Welsh Spirits


Apart from a few moonshiners in barns, cellars and sheds, there were no distilleries in Wales until the late 1990s, when the founders of Penderyn Whisky, while having a few drinks in the pub, decided to do something about it! 20 years on, and after the relaxation of laws around smaller stills was repealed, there is now a thriving artisan spirits industry in Wales. We love everything local / Welsh so naturally – we’ve got a great selection of Welsh spirits and gins!


BRECON FIVE VODKA (43%) - £3.5 Five times distilled for purity with a smooth fruity twist - 25ml
BREINDAL VODKA (37.5%) - £3 Aber Falls gin made using a handmade copper still to achieve a beautifully smooth, sweet finish - 25ml
TOFFOC VODKA (27.5%) - £3 Anglesey triple distilled toffee vodka liqueur - 25ml
COLES WHITE RUM (40%) - £3 A smooth, rounded white rum made from molasses - the first white rum made in Wales - 25ml
BARTI DDU RUM (35%) - £3 Pembrokeshire seaweed spiced rum - sweet and salty - 25ml
PENDERYN PEATED SINGLE MALT WHISKY (46%) - £5 Handcrafted single malt whisky with a medium peaty character - 25ml


MERLYN CREAM WHISKY LIQUEUR (17%) - £4 Penderyn whisky & cream with fudge toffee, vanilla & banana flavours - 50ml
DA MHILE ORANGE LIQUEUR (42%) - £3.5 Smooth Welsh liqueur with an Orange citrus palette - 25ml
AERONA BERRY LIQUEUR (25%) - £3.5 Made in Wales with hand-picked aerona berries & other natural ingredients - 25ml
ABER FALLS SALTED TOFFEE LIQUEUR ( 20.3%)  - £3.5 Smooth and velvety with hints of burnt sugar - 25ml
ABER FALLS COFFEE & CHOCOLATE LIQUEUR (20.6%) - £3.5 Roasted coffee aroma balanced with cocoa notes, creating deliciously rich flavours and a velvety, sweet finish - 25ml
ABER FALLS VIOLET LIQUEUR (20.8%) - £3 Sweet violet notes and a perfumed finish - 25ml



All of our cocktails are made with Welsh spirits and liquers, many of them from local distilleries. On top of our seasonal menu, we also feature new spirits and cocktails as we hear about them - there's always something new to try!